The 2023 Qualitè Winners:

Fair Cape Dairies

Royale Full Cream Yoghurt Peaches & Cream Flavoured

De Pekelaar

 Boerenkaas Matured Gouda

Lactalis South Africa

Melrose Glass Jar Spread Cheddar Flavour

Lactalis South Africa

Woolworths Salted Butter

Fair Cape Dairies

Vital Medium Fat Strawberry Yoghurt

Polar Ice Cream Company

Signature Ice Cream Salted Caramel – Caramel Ice Cream


Halloumi Skewer

Fair Cape Dairies

Woolworths Low Fat Yoghurt With Salted Caramel & Chocolate Coated Honeycomb

Cookhouse Creamery

Pizza Mozzarella

Dairy Corporation

Royale Full Cream Yoghurt – Mixed Fruit And Custard

De Pekelaar

Boerenkaas Mature Extra Hard

Lactalis South Africa

Président Gouda Mature 6 Months

Fairfield Dairy

First Choice Full Cream Peach Yoghurt

RFG Foods

Woolworths Ayrshire Mozzarella 600g

Underberg Dairy

Pizza Mozzarella

Fair Cape Dairies

The Menu Vanilla Flavoured Custard

Fair Cape Dairies

 The Menu Chocolate Mousse

Meze Foods

Braailoumi Cajun

Polar Dairy Ice Cream

Blueberry Cheesecake Buttermilk Frozen Yoghurt

Lactalis South Africa

Woolworths Mature Cheddar 20 Months

Lactalis South Africa

Woolworths Mature Gouda 10 Months (Black)

De Pekelaar

Boerenkaas Semi Hard Black Pepper

Klein River Cheese


Fairview Cheese Company

Woolworths Blue Pearl

Consumers are encouraged to look out for these outstanding dairy products and experience their exceptional flavours.