The 2021 Qualitè Winners:

Qualité Awards 2021

Clover - Frankfort

Mooi River Salted Butter

Clover - Frankfort

Clover Salted Butter Mini Tubs

Lactalis South Africa - Ladismith

Woolworths Mature Gouda 10 Months

Lactalis South Africa - Ladismith

Président Mature Gouda 6 Months

De Pekelaar Boerenkaas

De Pekelaar Boerenkaas Old

Famous Brands Cheese Company

Steers Processed Cream Cheese Spread – Onion and Chives

Fairview Cheese Company

Woolworths Chevin with Garlic and Herb

Fair Cape Dairies

Checkers Vanilla Flavoured Custard

Consumers are encouraged to look out for these outstanding dairy products and experience their exceptional flavours.