The 2019 Qualitè Winners:

Belnori Boutique Cheesery

St Francis of Ashisi

Parmalat SA

Woolworths Matured Gouda 10 months

Parmalat SA

Woolworths Extra Matured Cheddar 12 months

Parmalat SA

Président Extra Matured Cheddar – 12 months


Medium Fat Plain Cream Cheese




Double Cream Vanilla Flavoured Yoghurt

Clover SA

Tulip Salted Butter

Clover SA

Feta – Tub

Fair Cape Dairies

Woolworths Chocolate Mousse Dessert

Fair Cape Dairies

Lunchbox Mixed Berry Dairy Snack

Ladismith Cheese Company

Salted Butter

Rhodes Food Group

Woolworths Mascarpone Duetto – Fig & Pecan Nut

Klein River Cheese


De Pekelaar

Boerenkaas Jonk

Klippiesveld Kaas

Chèvre Balls with Garlic and Herbs

Consumers are encouraged to look out for these outstanding dairy products and experience their exceptional flavours.