Promoting Quality Dairy Products Since 1834

Agri-Expo has been involved in the South African dairy industry since 1834, when the first South African Dairy Championships was held with one goal in mind: TO PROMOTE EXCELLENCE IN DAIRY PRODUCTS. To date, this is still the objective, and the annual SA Dairy Championships is a fine example of this. Around 900 dairy products are judged by about 80 experts who evaluate the appearance, texture and flavour of products in ten categories.

Agri-Expo created the Qualité emblem in 2001 and today it is South Africa’s only mark of excellence in the dairy industry. The winner in each of the 100+ classes receives the SA Champion Award, whereas only a few outstanding products are awarded the Qualité Award. The product with the highest score is awarded as SA Dairy Product of the Year.


The 2023 SA Dairy Championships Results


An Ayrshire Mozzarella, made especially for Woolworths by RFG Foods, was crowned the Dairy Product of the Year at the prestigious South African Dairy Awards on Thursday 25 May 2023 at Eensgezind outside Durbanville. This year’s event marked a remarkable milestone, celebrating the 190th edition of the SA Dairy Championships, the biggest and oldest dairy competition in Africa.

The winning Woolworths 600 g Ayrshire Mozzarella was one of 929 dairy products from 71 producers that competed for the attention of a team of 80 judges.